Lotte Chilsung Cider (Tin) 250ML


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  • Volume: 250ml
  • Halal certified
  • Product of Korea

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【What is Korea Lotte Chilsung Cider Soda?】

Chilsung Cider is the Korea’s No.1 original carbonated beverage with a long history.

It features lemon lime flavor. For many Koreans, besides having bibimbap during school outings, that common drink to pair with the lunch is most likely Chilsung Cider – an iconic carbonated soft drink. It’s a luxury drink for many Koreans, especially during sports days.

【Chilsung Cider goes well with any dishes! Love it!】

Good news is, Chilsung cider has less sugar and more highly carbonated, hence it is a great tasting alternative to both contemporary lemon lime sodas and their low-calorie variants. So when you are having BBQ chicken wings, open a can of Chilsung cider to go along with it! Because Chilsung Cider relies on natural scents extracted from lemons and limes, it is very natural tasting which goes well with any dishes. Don’t worry, there is no artificial colors, flavoring, additives or caffeine added to the drink. With the emphasis on using pure, filtered water, you can probably taste the mild scent of lime and lemon that spreads a tangy-sweet taste all over the mouth.

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